“S&B Services team’s performance in assessing and developing project feasibility, financial profile, risks, and mitigation plans was simply amazing.  They worked closely with us to understand the different facets of a challenging energy infrastructure opportunity, ensuring our ability to make fully informed decisions.  We view our working relationship with S&B Services as a valuable resource.”
Tom Ladd
Managing Director

“My working relationship with Steve started at Parsons, pursuing renewable energy projects with the federal government.  Through our collaboration, we were able to develop a strategic business development plan for Parsons.  Since then, I have enjoyed working with Steve and S&B Services as we review opportunities to apply technology to solve challenges.”
Johnathan Tan
Chief Executive Officer

“I enjoy working with S&B services, they provide practical – real world solutions to tough situations.  When I am looking for options, I know S&B Services will respond whenever I need them to.”
Daniel Fleischman
Professional Engineer

“S&B Services is a hard working and extremely capable bunch no matter what is asked of them. They provided our organization exceptional value and managed a highly complex program.”
Donnie TeBeest
Supervisor / Senior Project Manager